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This one includes a healthy dose of garlic and a long simmer in white wine and is ready in 30 minutes. A delicious combination of peach preserves, herbs, and mustard give this chicken dish its unique flavor. In the warmer months, serve with asparagus and for fall and winter, try green beans or pecan-topped salad. Whenever you choose to serve this dish in, it'll bring a bright light pop to any meal.

15 Healthy Chicken Recipes

Thought curried chicken was impossible without resorting to takeout or spending hours over the stove? Think again with an easy minute recipe. The secret ingredient in this one is a tablespoon of your favorite smooth peanut butter. With kids, dinner can sometimes be a struggle. If your little ones are chicken tender aficionados and you're concerned about the impact of processed food on their health, it's time to try a little DIY. This recipe for kosher oven baked and breaded chicken breasts will save you from ever buying frozen meals again.

For a red wine alternative to lemon chicken, try this easy chicken marsala recipe. With dried basil leaves and fresh mushrooms, this makes for a great meal paired with angel hair pasta or a tossed salad. This is a recipe that looks advanced but really only takes 25 minutes total to prepare!

For a simple and tasty dinner, this easy skillet chicken is hard to beat. With vegetables like tomatoes and mushrooms, it can be adapted to serve with rice, potatoes, or a salad. With a total cook time of 30 minutes, this Thai mango chicken recipe is almost too good to be true. Skip takeout this weekend with a dish you can make in your own kitchen that tastes deep fried, but without any of the guilt.

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This pesto chicken pasta salad is an excellent summertime meal, whether as a block party or barbecue side dish or an easy leftovers lunch. Use a rotisserie chicken to save time, since it's already precooked and already has a wonderfully tender texture. Chicken Caprese Sandwich with Truffle Mustard.

Copycat Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl. Sweet N' Spicy Cold Noodles. Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Zucchini Boats. Continue to 5 of 15 below. Oven Baked Barbecued Chicken. Garlic Chicken Primavera Pasta. Lemon Chicken With Garlic and Wine. Continue to 9 of 15 below. Peach Glazed Chicken Breasts. Practically everything comes in a jar nowadays. Even this skinny burrito , which is perfect for those who are craving a comfy dinner but are still mindful of their calorie intake.

At calories, you can have this dish even as a snack. You can count on mushrooms to make a healthy dinner recipe for its nutrients and savory flavor. What makes this recipe all the more healthy? Curb your cravings the healthy way with this Southern-style jambalaya recipe. You get the whole enchilada at an amazingly low calorie count of per serving. A meal which serves itself, these spaghetti squash bowls make some interesting dinner. You can have fun with this dinner recipe, guilt-free, with only calories!

After all, all home-cooked meals are if you know your way around them. Stuff some chicken breasts with sun-dried tomatoes and kale. Healthy, right? No need to worry about beef racking up the calories because this recipe comes in at per serving. Forget white rice and start going with cauliflower fried rice from now on. This stuffed portobello mushroom is oozing with umami flavors. Banish guilt when you eat this skinny version of your favorite chicken Parmesan.

With only calories per serving, you are definitely far from worry. You have carbs in the noodles, protein in chicken, and vitamins in the veggies. You may not want to order takeout anymore after trying this delicious dinner recipe. It has all the elements of a completely satisfying dinner, with the added bonus of being low calorie.

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  • It also a wholesome dish you can serve your family for dinner. This is not your usual pizza, but definitely interesting with an all-veggie ensemble. With only calories per serving, you can enjoy this for dinner all year round! You can still call it mac and cheese even without the mac.

    Lower calorie count, but still the same great flavor. Lasagna can also be healthy and low calorie when you use the right ingredients.

    25 Best Chicken Recipes

    For calories, I would love to just dig in. Healthy, delicious, and fast this one-pan chicken fajita pasta amazingly makes it to this list of healthy dinner recipes under calories. This tasty and flavorful honey and mustard salmon will become a mainstay on your dinner menu. Make this sweet potato black bean veggie burger, which may take some getting used to.